Optical receiving transducer(WRO-2)

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The LED indicator light for the optical receiver is used to provide a large number of diagnostic features. Other information such as infrared signal quality and working status of the measuring head are included. Also check that the head actually sends a start signal. Check this situation with the Output status indicator, and the display is usually the same as the LED display of the corresponding head.

essential parameter

The head and receiver use optical modulated signal communication;
By triggering the needle measuring method according to certain rules;
Head and receiver multi-channel communication matching, strong anti-interference;
Test head start mode: power start;
Emission of three kinds of optical modulation signals: trigger, contact, low battery voltage;
Receiving two optical modulation signals: start the head; the adjustment function of the head and handle: by adjusting the connection between the head body and the handle, the center of the needle can be overlapped with the center line of the head cone handle (deviation 2 μ m);
The display status of the indicator light: normal communication, trigger, low battery voltage;
Protection level: IP68.


Product Size

 parameter explain
Installation area Machine tool processing area
Optical indicator light Infrared transmission and header status
source DC 15-30V
weight 390g
temperature range 10℃-50℃
levels of protection IP 68
aspect  infrared transmission
Signal transmission distance 5m
Head measurement activation mode Automatic on or M code

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