Radio probe of CNC machine tool WP60M

Short Description:

WP60M touch-trigger probes are newly designed and developed by our company. They have the following advantages:
1、Compact structure and wide applicability.The diameter of the probe head is only 46.5mm, which greatly improves the scope of product use. At the beginning of 2016, the first domestic brand of the smallest probe was developed.
2、Disposable batteries are used for easy replacement. Not disassembling the body will not affect the center accuracy of the probe.
3、360° fully enclosed sealing design, more reliable and stable.
4、Made of 316 stainless steel, the probe body is more durable, and the hollow patented design.
5、Adopt automatic standby design, no need for M code to open and close the probe, which is more convenient for temporary alignment purposes.The LED of the probe adopts a power-saving design concept. The LED will not light up in the standby state, and the LED light will also turn off after the probe is pressed for more than 25 seconds.

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Product superiority

1.It is short in length, small in diameter, and only 46.5mm in diameter.
2.High-performance receivers require only a small space, making installation easier.
3.The receiving module 360 of the LED lamp and the infrared signals are evenly distributed.
4.Ultra-high accuracy: the measurement repetitive accuracy is within 1 μ m.
5.Super long life: more than 10 million trigger life.
6.High reliability: products are the highest IP68.
7.Rich configuration: can flexibly configure needle, extension rod, etc., no loss of accuracy.
8.High-frequency signal technology prevents it from external ambient light.
9.The large transmission / reception angle range ensures the reliable reception and transmission of uncertain forward signals and ensures reliable data transmission.
10.Stainless steel shell, high-strength tempered glass cover.
11.Simple spherical radial beating adjustment method to ensure the accurate measurement.

Ultra high precision radio Probe WP60M (1)
Ultra high precision radio Probe WP60M (2)
Ultra high precision radio Probe WP60M (3)
Ultra high precision radio Probe WP60M (4)
Ultra high precision radio Probe WP60M (5)

Product Parameter

Accuracy (2σ)≤1μm,F=300
Trigger direction ±X, ±Y, +Z

The isotropic needle triggers the protection stroke

XY: ±15° Z: +5mm
Main body diameter 46.5mm
Measurement speed 300-2000mm/min
Battery Section 2:3.6v (14,250)
material quality stainless steel
Weight 480g
Temperature 10-50℃
Levels of protection IP 68
Trigger life >8 million
Signal aspect radio transmission
Signal transmission distance ≤8m
Signal protection There is mobile protection

Product size chart

aUltra high precision radio Probe WP60M (1)

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