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Jizhi Measurement and Control Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and service provider of online testing systems for CNC machine tools. The company has been CE certified by the European Union and holds over ten patents.

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Our Advantages

Jizhi Measurement and Control with customer demand-oriented technology innovation, precision manufacturing, reliable performance, to meet customer CNC machining process measurement needs, and strive to provide customers with more efficient on-machine measurement solutions, to help customers with higher accuracy, faster speed, better yield to complete the workpiece processing, improve product quality, reduce labor and production costs.

Our Advantages

1. Mold manufacturing

The processing process uses the machine detection function for tool damage detection, and accurate positioning of the workpiece repositioning; after the completion of the workparts in the machine detection, significantly reduce the mold repairing rate and improve the processing quality, the first qualified rate of products significantly improved.

2. Auto parts manufacturing

In the automotive engine cylinder head and other production line, using the workpiece head and macro program software in plus automatic correction before work can effectively solve the positioning deviation of tooling fixtures in different processing processes the processing base offset and the position control between multiple holes on the product department, improved the production efficiency and product qualified rate.

3. Aerospace spare parts manufacturing

Many precision products in the field of aerospace industry are large, difficult to process and require precision high characteristics, the use of traditional measurement means for testing will greatly affect the processing efficiency, and sometimes because the particularity of the parts cannot be measured, and use the workpiece head and measurement software on the machine tool this kind of workpiece is measured in the machine, coupled with the application of the modular measuring head extension rod, without loss of precision degree, can complete the relative processing of each characteristic product / part, reduce the workpiece circulation and secondary installation time, can achieve extremely high final processing accuracy, while reducing the waste rate.

4. Electronic products manufacturing

Mass production of consumer electronics products, in order to ensure the stability and consistency of product quality, the use of test head and macro program software to achieve rapid and accurate correction of workpiece, product deformation detection, to avoid the manual operation of t ime waste and error and unqualified billet processing, greatly improve the quality and qualified rate of products.