Machine tool end face tester CP25

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The convenient design of the straight handle (axial, radial) and the connection of M161 thread, coupled with its own super small size, makes this head compatible with all contact heads on the market. It can be used in a variety of special applications, such as highlight machine, tool grinder, plane grinder, outer round grinding machine, lathe and other special machine tools to carry out special measurement tasks.

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Low cost makes the use of cable communication head measurement is conducive to the control of product quality, improve production efficiency, reduce production cost, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

Product characteristics

Small shape, Is compatible with various third-party products on the market; precision mechanical structure, Ensure the reset accuracy of the measuring needle trigger in any direction; the measuring head is made of stainless steel, Long term; M161mm thread is universal thread, Convenient connection with other products; probe connection with M4 thread, Replacement; protection level up to IP68 standard, It can be used; measuring head can be used for other special measurement tasks; complete types of needle combination is optional; connection mode can be customized according to user requirements; other brand standard probe components can be used; 50mm, 100mm, 200mm multiple head extension rod

Product Parameter

parameter explain
accuracy 2 σ 1 μ m measured speed F=300
Trigger direction ±X ±Y -Z
Maximum needle swing angle / axial concession length xy: +15° z: -5
Main body diameter 25mm
Measurement speed 300-2000mm/min
source DC 15-30V
material quality stainless steel
weight 310g (including 5 m wire)
temperature range 10℃-50℃
levels of protection IP 68
Trigger life > 8 Million times
aspect Cable communication
LED lamp Chang Liang, work off
cable Length of 5 / 2m (custom-made)
Output mode The NC is normally closed / normally open

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