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With the promotion of automatic production line and the improvement of production efficiency, in order to ensure the precision processing, the majority of manufacturers urgently need the automatic measurement faster than the current site and the control machine tool directly connected with the processing machine tool. In order to meet this demand, Jiji measurement and control, on the basis of summarizing the advanced technology experience at home and abroad, has developed a series of automatic measurement products adapted to the habits of domestic users, simple operation, convenient maintenance and excellent cost performance.

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The predictive control of flexible system applicable to predictive control is to combine the measurement and processing measurement in processing to form a closed-loop measurement system to control the processing state of the machine tool and ensure that there is no control system of processing waste. Flexible control of a machine tool can be achieved with a controller in a minimum closed-loop system capable of processing and post-processing measurement. The measuring instrument with the computer, further communication with the upper machine and the lower machine, can realize the overall unified management of the automatic line. So you can build a highly efficient automatic production line without processing waste. In addition, a variety of sensors, corresponding to different external objects for detection, can ensure that the whole system is not affected by external.
The inding process of active measurement During the processing, the measuring device measures the workpiece at any time and inputs the measurement results into the controller. At the pre-set signal point, the controller sends out a signal to control the operation of the machine tool. For example, in the grinding process, the coarse grinding feed, when the first size signal point, the controller signals, the machine tool switches from coarse grinding to fine grinding, when the second size signal point, the machine tool switches from fine grinding feed to light grinding (no spark grinding), when the third signal point, the workpiece to the preset size, the grinding wheel quickly return, and enter the standby state of the next cycle.

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